20 лет???

Итого, вчера сидел и немного прикидывал объём работ от текущего момента и до релиза Декогерентности с учётом “текущей эффективности работы”. Получилось приблизительно следующее:


При текущей эффективности работы на уровне около 20% – набросок вышел на 10 лет. Учитывая, что все наброски графиков обычно надо умножать на два, получаем 20 лет 🙂 🙂 🙂 Жесть. И это без переодеваний персонажей и кат-сцен.

Если бы эффективность была ближе к 100%, то реально всё вывести на релиз за 3-4 года (более вменяемые сроки). Но как же достичь такой эффективности? Провёл анализ низкой эффективности (лень переводить с английского):

* Fear to start large amounts of work in chunks of ~2 hours and more.
* Overuse of Internet. I really don’t need to know all the news and jokes out there :)
* Lack of interest from others. I often don’t feel like working because I don’t really feel like anybody needs that :) And when I do things just for fun, well… programming is not the only one way to have fun.
* Lack of feedback. Well, many things and bugs are really easier to see “from the other point of view”. Lot’s of stuff seems obvious to me, but end up ‘strange’ for users. And sometimes I do bitter errors where other’s advice could have saved me from dozens of hours of re-making something I’ve already hardcoded.
* Lack of feedback #2. I spend a lot of time testing my programs and hunting for bugs. Yes, it’s fun :) But still it would be better if I had the external issues proposals and bugs reports.
* Low yeild. Some chunks of code don’t result in ‘awesome’ results. Sometimes the results are even invisible.
* Stubs. I often come up with lack of X3D standard and CGE knowledge and understanding, ending up in a waste of time with no results.
* Lack of oxygen. Well, this is solvable only in Summer…
* Understanding that I’ll do some things at low quality. I can’t draw. I’m not a designer. So I often just do things I do in a bad way. And when I do something bad, I feel bad :) And it’s really hard to motivate myself to do them bad versus not to do them at all :)
* Urgent&important stuff… There are tons of stuff I have to do but I don’t want to… ending up in simply wasting time. I still have to do them, but meanwhile I just don’t do anything particular ‘running away from problems’.

И что теперь с этим делать – ещё не уверен.

20 лет???

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